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Role playing scenario 2

A citizens' jury on how to care for the elderly.

Q1. What are your expectations of consultation?

Jury membersImplementing bodiesGroups giving evidence
  • full and honest information
  • not too much detail or technical arguement
  • some support with information collection
  • not to be influenced by powerful special interests
  • transparancy
  • reasoned outcome taking account of our views
  • worried that expectations will be raised
  • worried that the verdict may go against us
  • may get approval for our plans
  • the jury may get a better understanding of the constraints under which we work
  • we may get some good ideas, we may get some bad ideas
  • it may help us to design a policy that we will get credit for
  • may mobilise opposition
  • time to present our case
  • fair hearing
  • action plan adressing our concerns
  • sufficient resource commitments

Q2. To what extent are your needs met by the ways the consultation is conducted?

Jury membersImplementing bodiesGroups giving evidence
  • representing the voice of the majority
  • taking into account special interests
  • must recognise our role
  • don't waste our input
  • keep us informed of roll-out
  • could go either way
  • may not like what we hear
  • we can't manage and control the outcome
  • the outcome is difficult to ignore
  • may attract adverse media attention
  • may be difficult to organise
  • open to capture by advocacy groups
  • get heard
  • may not be implemented