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A value by which we may assess (e-)consultations.

  1. Examples:
    1. Ability to develop ideas and trains of thought
    2. Experts are available for the case specific queestions arise
    3. clear rules of participation and communication
    4. has the right facilitator
    5. generates new ideas
    6. effective particpation - that is tailored to the needs & skills of allparticipants
    7. control of the process to avoid to digressions
    8. If all sides are prepared to compromise
    9. Prevention of disruptive behaviour
    10. let the participants feels emotionally involved
    11. Good behaviour by participants
    12. The moderators-facilitators are neutral. Persons that deserve the trust from all participant.
    13. If the situation allows compromise
  2. Evaluation techniques:
    1. (to be entered)